The New Welcome Gallery

This is an exciting initiative, now installed in what used to be the ticket and shop area. It has been beautifully set up, offering an overall history of the Judges’ Lodgings and the various elements of its development.

There have always been links to Lancaster Castle, since Thomas Covell who built the Judges’ Lodgings, originally as his family home, was the Keeper of the Castle, and involved in the infamous trial of the Lancashire Witches held in the Castle in 1612.

All these links are highlighted along with the early use of the Judges’ Lodgings as an actual lodging house for the Assize Judges as they travelled round the various assize courts.

The Judges’ Lodgings final incarnation as a museum and display centre for the history and furniture of the Gillows family concludes the Welcome Gallery and leads the visitor on, now fully prepared, into the rest of the house.

The silver trumpet is one of the set which sounded the Judge on his walk from the Judges’ Lodgings to the Castle for the day’s work.