Lancaster Judges Lodgings Museum


Lancaster Judges’ Lodgings Timeline


Roman Times

100 AD

1st – 4th Site of a Roman Kiln on the edges of the Roman Fort.  The East […]

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The Old Hall


The fireplace in the entrance hall is the oldest known fabric in the house dating from about […]

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Pendle Witch Trial and Thomas Covell


Pendle Witch Trial took place in Lancaster in 1612 and Thomas Covell was the Keeper of the […]

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Gillow Furniture Makers


Gillow, furniture makers was founded in Lancaster in 1730

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Circuit Judges’ Residence


Thomas Butler Cole who had inherited the house in 1811,  sold the New Hall to the County […]

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The Judges’ Lodgings Museum


In 1975 The Crown Court moved to Preston and the Judges’ Lodgings was converted to a Museum, […]

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